Selling is a trade. Continue to improve with BOS!

BOS (Business Opportunity School) is an established company for the commercial development of profit organizations. The key specialism of BOS is developing and building internal, corporate academies. BOS is an independent, innovative partner in business for people developing people.

BOS in a nutshell

  • Increases the commercial power of companies (with dealer/sales channel)
  • Connects propositions to customer demands and customer experience
  • Improves the cooperation between marketing and sales departments
  • Optimizes internal processes
  • Develops and builds corporate academies
  • Develops integral certification and accreditation programs
  • Offers education and trainings on specific themes and at each level
  • Stimulates and facilitates the (talent) development of employees

Company background and vision

The Business Opportunity School has emerged from founder Nanno de Boer’s strong conviction that selling is a true trade. In addition, Nanno realized that in the training industry, the main focus is directed to training sales skills only, as such totally ignoring the importance of the total sales process. Good salesmanship requires tactics, technique and commercial innovation. But sales is also mainly part of a process during which several phases need te be completed. Phases which involve many different other employees. In this context, Nanno likes to use the metaphor of a tree.

BOS boom schema als metafoor voor de basis van goede sales.

The roots (basic attitude), the trunk (processes) and branches (skills) are all interconnected with energy flowing in between them. Without the right basic attitude of the employees, management will find it difficult to get all processes in order and sales potential will not fully blossom. Let alone come into fruition. From this integral vision on the total sales process, the BOS approach was developed. It ensures a cohesion between the Customer, The Vendor and the Sales person involved.

BOS about

Nanno de Boer from BOS

Personal development

Nanno de Boer, founder and responsible for commerce and development at BOS: “Personal development is about more than general learning processes, knowledge gathering or developing at work. It is mainly about growing as a person, in skills and abilities or character development. This requires awareness of one’s own strengths and qualities. Our approach is always aimed at tapping into both self-awareness and self-understanding. Both individually and as an organization. On the one hand by stimulating and increasing the knowledge levels and personal development of sales people. And on the other hand by letting organizations take a critical view of their own processes. A strong basis to then develop better propositions for their own sales team as well as business partners and end customers. For me it’s an important prerequisite for personal success and (therefore) clearly better business outcomes.”

Mark Kusters from BOS

Channel development

Mark Kusters, responsible for the overall management of BOS: “The starting point in developing a comprehensive partner program, is that both parties invest in each other, with the objective to optimally serve their mutual customers. There are two issues of crucial importance here: competent distribution partners and professional support and delivery from the organization. We look at the entire value chain and jointly determine in which components commercial improvement is relevant and achievable. This ranges from order processing to commission arrangements and marketing support. In addition, we offer development programs as well as certification and tailor-made accreditation programs. And we build and facilitate business academies for channel partners to secure knowledge and skills. An investment that provides organizations with more engagement and better sales performance, both in the short term and long term.”

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