Good leaders inspire others. They are credible, connect with others and bring out the best in themselves and others. By doing so they lay the foundation for personal and business success. The BOS Leadership Programs are excellent trainings to strengthen leaders’ existing competences and adding new skills, enthusiasm and commitment. Growing as a person in terms of skills and character development, requires awareness of one’s own strengths and qualities.

Keep learning and improving

The BOS approach has always been aimed at tapping into both self-awareness and self-responsibility. Two important conditions for leaders taking people and organizations to the next level, showing initiative, controlling and facilitating. And who last but not least continue to learn and improve themselves.

Two leadership programs

BOS offers the Personal Leadership and Coaching Leadership programs.

Personal Leadership

The Personal Leadership training is an intensive search process of the participants to find their leadership qualities, pitfalls, motivation, energy providers and hidden potential. It deals with their personal motivation, credibility, impact and their effect on colleagues and customers. The insights from this training are translated into a concrete action plan to further develop their personal leadership in daily practice.

Personal Leadership

Coaching leadership

Coaching leadership is a logical extension of the Personal Leadership Program. In this program, the emphasis is on control, communication and facilitation. And on increasing the changeability. A coaching leader is able to think from the customer’s perception, team and/or employee(s), to assess situations and to anticipate these. The training focucces on practical skills and offers concrete tools to successfully apply these skills in their work.

Coaching Leadership