Coaching leadership is a logical extension of the Personal Leadership Program. In this program, the emphasis is on control, communication and facilitation. And on increasing the changeability.

Facilitating both team and customers

A coaching leader is able to think from the customer’s perception, team and/or employee(s) to assess situations and to anticipate these. In order to then facilitate the other person or team in terms of the choices that need to be made or changes that need to be made . A coaching leadership increases the style flexibility of the participants. They learn how to be directive in the process and non-directive on the content. Where do I want to go (with the customer/employee), how do I go about achieving that , how do I get the other person in motion?

Effectively improving coaching leadership

Coaching Leadership offers insight into the current level and offers effective improvement steps. Through case studies and role plays the participants acquire the necessary coaching skills. This offers them concrete tools to apply them successfully in their working situations.

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