‘Consultative Selling’ Sales Program

Knowing all about your customer! Being successful in sales requires more  than just product knowledge or a competitive price. A customer approach that is based on knowledge, processes and relationships is essential for lasting commercial success. The Consultative Selling Sales program teaches participants that everything revolves around the perceptions and (unconscious) needs of the customer. Whatever is relevant in that area, determines the solution a (good) sales person is offering. This effectively means delving into the issues and working processes of the customer, recognizing new developments, anticipating and daring to ask and listen well. And especially the drive to develop into an all-round conversation partner and advisor.

Better sales results through better propositions and long-term customer relationships

The BOS Sales Program Consultative Selling teaches sales people to no longer see product and price as a goal but as a means. Because true knowledge of your customer not only leads to better propositions, but also lays the foundation for a long-term customer relationships and therefore leads to more and better sales results. BOS understands the art of consultative selling like no other and has translated this knowledge and experience into two ultimate customer-oriented programs for experienced sales people: Coach the Customer and the Master Program.

Coach the Customer

Coach the Customer is the very method to understand “consultative selling”. Participants learn to create solutions that precisely meet customer needs.

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Master Program

In the Master Program an extra dimension is added to “consultative selling” by combining sales skills with specific proposition knowledge. To work with even more customer focus.

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