Having your own corporate academy is a guarantee for well educating your own employees and those of your partner channel. BOS has developed all necessary know-how and experience in order to effectively build, implement and successfully run your own corporate academy. And apart from Sales Academies, BOS now also offers specialized corporate academies for service experts, retail staff and customer contact employees.

BOS Sales Academy


Sales Academy

The best way to train your own employees and channel partner personnel for sales success. With competence developement, product and proposition improvement and management programs. To supply customers with the right solution more effectively, efficiently, and therefore more successfully.

Guarantee better sales and customer satisfaction?

BOS Customer Contact Academy


Customer Contact Academy

Online sales make personal and professional customer contact ‘at a distance’ increasingly important. For successful sales, customer loyalty, service and customer satisfaction. The Customer Contact Academy teaches your staff how to make a difference with a personal and customer-oriented touch.

Maximize customer contacts?

BOS Service Academy - Service Professional


Service Academy

Service engineers, technicians and installers play their part in establishing the commercial success of your organization. The Service Academy improves their communication skills, service mindset, planning and organization skills. In order for service staff to fully keep the promise made by sales.

More return on your service?



Retail Academy

The shop floor is the place where customers should experience what sets you apart from others and from the Internet. This calls for strong customer focus and exceeding expectations. BOS trains shop floor employees on these distinguishing factors. The benefit: satisfied customers and commercial success!

More sales success on the shop floor?

In every corporate academy we always take the relationship customer – supplier (Vendor) and Salesperson(s) as our starting point. A logical connection between these components is crucial for commercial success. We identify what steps are needed to the achieve desired outcome – a customer-oriented sales organization with streamlined processes. We translate this phased approach into concrete tailor-made improvement programs. Both for your own sales organization and the partner channel. Many large organizations have done it already…

Benefits of a business academy

Having your own corporate academy has several important advantages:

  • Increased customer satisfaction

    Your customers notice that your staff understand their business, are good conversation partners and really work out the best solution. And that, after the deal has been closed, the further processing takes place as agreed.

  • More turnover

    Motivated and skilled sales employees perform better and see and create smart marketing and sales opportunities.

  • Less changes in personnel

    The Business Academy, education program and trainings facilitate development opportunities for your employees. And offer them opportunities to grow within the organization.

  • Stronger relationships with your business partners

    A Business Academy is an investment in another. You expect your partners to invest in knowledge and development. You create the conditions for this with the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) and practical trainings. And as a supplier you also facilitate them with well-organized ordering processes, commission and / or marketing support.

  • Quality assurance

    BOS remains involved in your Business Academy and annually evaluates with you the quality, progress and process. We check if and where we need to put improvements or any necessary adjustments in place.

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