Online selling is impossible to discard in today’s commercial processes. Buyers of products and services more and more do their orientation process over the internet. This results in customer contact always going through different communication channels (phone, e-mail and internet) and outside regular business hours. Personal and professional customer contact ‘at a distance’ therefore becomes increasingly important. The Customer Contact Academy gets the most out of your customer contact employees.

Satisfied customers

Customer contact at a distance can be seen as a sales opportunity (telephone acquisition), but also serve as an instrument to increase customer loyalty, to provide service and to guarantee customer satisfaction. Whether it’s about sales or service; with a personal and customer-oriented touch you as an organization make a difference. We explain to your employees how they can achieve better results.

Your own Customer Contact Academy

Together with your company, BOS builds your very own corporate Customer Contact Academy. Covered in the Digital Learning Environment (DLE ) are all the specific elements of customer communication at online services, presented in an accessible way. Your own propositions form the basis of your digital business academy. This requires BOS to have close contact with relevant product or content experts from the various departments within your company. In this way, we co-build a training house that meets all critical business processes.

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