BOS has experience in the retail market and knows what it takes to tap into and train your employees’ distinguishing factors such as customer focus and spotting opportunities. In the Retail Academy, we strive for benefits for all parties: satisfied customers, employees who enjoy their work, and commercial success for your business!

Differentiate from others and the Internet

Retailers daily experience the changing buying behavior of consumers. The famous ‘look first, then buy’ more and more often seems to change into  ‘look in this shop, then buy online’. The shop floor is the place where it all happens; that is where customers should experience what sets you apart from others and from the Internet. This calls for strong customer focus, exceeding expectations, viewing complaints as opportunities, and responding to customers’ needs.

Retail Academy

Together with you, BOS builds your very own Retail Academy. All specific elements of customer-oriented communication and shop floor service are translated into accessible trainings. Practical trainings, but also through e-learning modules in the Digital Learning Environment (DLE ) of your own Retail Academy. This allows you to have more control on the sales and service levels of your employees and to carry through quality improvements in services.

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