For sales with maximum focus on the correct proposition

BOS translates customer wishes into programs that lift your own sales organization and your partner channel. BOS analyzes points of improvement and challenges in the commercial field. In close cooperation with your sales and marketing department. Do you have enough sales people? What is the level of product knowledge? What is happening in the marketplace? What does the sales team need?

We map out which steps are necessary to work towards the desired situation, being a customer-oriented sales organization with streamlined processes. This phased approach is then translated into concrete improvement programs. Both for the organization’s own sales team and the partner channel.

Sales team development and personal development programs

BOS aims for quality. In short, we train sales people with the ambition and drive to do even better for the customer and for the company. Sales people who listen and can and dare to ask more questions in order to get the customer’s wishes absolutely clear. Using that to come to a better client proposition. For this purpose, BOS offers specific sales training programs but also coaching and sales recruitment.

Partner channel development programs

For manufacturers, importers or franchisers that sell products or services via channel partners, BOS has developed a special Partner Program. This program enables you to fully support your business partners. In order for them to start selling more in an effective and efficient manner. Each company can get the most out of its (multi- of single brand) partner channel by investing in specific trainings, marketing support and financial incentives such as volume rebates or ‘kick back’s on the cost of education. The partner benefit: maximum support in a solid partner program to score better together. Plus the option to easily earn back part of the training costs. BOS helps to set up and run these kinds of corporate academies, learning modules, e-learning and certification.

Get more out of your (channel partner) sales team?

Do you feel it is possible to achieve more profit from the direct sales team and sales staff in the partner channel? Would you like to take the quality of your direct and indirect channels to the next level with more profitable turnover? BOS translates best practices from several branches to specific sales trainings, certification of front-office and back-office, a comprehensive partner program and more… We would love to tell you more about it. Please do not hesitate to contact us a for a free and non-committal introduction meeting.

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