Know your customer! In order to successfully build up marketing, sales, communication and service, you have to know who your clients are and what they need. BOS focusses first of all on the customer and customer experience. From that starting point links are established with all processes in the total sales route. Through customer insight marketing delivers better propositions, sales and marketing connect more easily and customer-oriented communication is made possible. Furthermore, delivery and service departments can add special touches that make the purchase of your product or service a true joy! BOS assists in clarifying what is important for customers and also what steps need to be taken at each company level to maximize customer satisfaction.


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Selling involves much more than writing down orders. It is a trade you need to learn to master. Good selling requires a healthy fundamental attitude, tactics, technique and commercial innovation. Just as anything else, the selling trade is subject to change. In addition, sales is part of a complete process during which several phases are being completed. All these steps involve people. The BOS approach is geared towards the development of employees by using their full potential, creating involvement and stimulating self-development. That will increase both results and staff motivation. As a specialized training company BOS creates cohesion within companies. The end-results? Clear propositions, professional sales consultants, efficient business processes, satisfied customers and a higher turnover.
Without customers, no business. But what is truly important to your client? more>
What is necessary to take sales and business partners to the next level? more>
Are customer expectations (possibly) created by sales delivered by the rest of the organization? more>

Certification en accreditation process

BOS not only provides training programs, but also secures the quality and know-how of your company. Our education programs always consist of a combination of theory and practice and are brought to completion with a certificate. This clarifies for the staff, the organization, as well as the customers and prospects that the company’s know-how and performance are up to scratch. If all sales and customer contact staff have been certified, we can speak of an accredited organization.

Where are your opportunities?

Can you recognize any opportunities in the field of your customer insight and proposition, in sales, at the channel partners, in your own back-office or after-sales? The experienced BOS specialists analyse the weaknesses and opportunities and translate them into an improvement plan of action.