E-learning at BOS is all about creating synergy between commerce, communication and competence. We know from experience that each and every-one of our tailor-made programs contribute to commercial results. In order to support your employees as best as we can, we use the Digital Learning Environment and the Study-house as supporting tools.

BOS Digital Learning Environment

The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) is and online digital learning and teaching setting where experienced coaches also contribute. You can compare e-learning to an online training centre where students, coaches and the necessary study materials come together. As soon as you allow e-learning into your company, it will provide many benefits, because the DLE:

  • Secures knowledge and skills and prevents people going back to their old patterns
  • Unburdens management
  • Connects theory to day-to-day practice in the company
  • Helps the organization to get the maximum return on investments, even prior investments in education and training time and money
  • Helps the organization to steer the company based on output and to react proactively on situations both within and outside of the organization
  • Helps employees to develop themselves at their own pace, in their own time and place, ensuring a maximum learning effect

Personal Development Platform: digital education

BOS believes in personal growth and development. A standard education for employees does not fit that bill. That is why BOS specialists have developed the concept ‘Personal Development Platform’. As part of a certification program for organizations or dealer channels. Assessments for knowledge and skill levels, functional demands, career paths and organizational development have all been put together in an individual learning path that can take up to several years. The Personal Development Platform offers the organization a stable basis to work on improving results on a permanent basis. We strongly believe that this is how you get the best out of your most important success factors: your employees.

More information

Would you like to know more about our e-learning options and platforms? Please do not hesitate to contact us a for a free and non-committal introduction meeting.

E-learning development

Hugo Boelhouwer, BOSHugo Boelhouwer, E-Learning Developer, has overall responsibility for the e-learning programs that BOS develops: “Our learning and development programs are based on blended learning, a successful combination of classroom trainings and e-learning. In a pragmatic manner, we translate general sales knowledge and specific company and product information into tailor-made online training programs. This is always done in close consultation with the relevant departments of our clients. It’s our job to ensure that all content is translated into attractive and user-friendly modules. And especially to keep these up to date. Sales people can access the digital learning environment (DLE ) 24/7 to gain more knowledge. We ensure they can find the knowledge that is relevant to them, so they can learn in an easy and interactive way.”