Customer value and customer experience are paramount

The key starting-point is always the customer. Without clients you don’t have a business. But what is really important to your customer? And does your company’s proposition still match this? How does the customer perceive the proverbial customer journey from product enquiry to the final purchase and service?

Customer contact is everywhere from the front office (pre-sales) to the back-office (after-sales, accounts and invoicing). And therefore, customer experience is everywhere too. The BOS specialists develop a clear insight into the level in which customer experience with different channels, departments and employees match with their expectations. Expectations based on the brand, the name, the offer or the image.

Practical examples

  • The product does not match the customer’s wishes.
    Sales staff omitting to ask in detail what the client really wants, using the existing product range too much as a starting point, and marketing and sales lacking in cooperation. Three aspects that can each hamper a truly customer-oriented proposition and consequently limit turnover and customer satisfaction. BOS makes the customer paramount and then makes the connections between all the links in the sales process. BOS program: sales trainings, certification and advice.
  • The order process is inadequate.
    Sales are trained on a proposition that is about to be launched, soon to find out that the ordering process plus the sales rewards have not yet been set up correctly. The result is that the sales team is not motivated to actually sell the new proposition. For that reason, BOS will only start training sales staff if it is 100% clear that all related order processes have been properly set-up. BOS program: back-office optimization and certification.
  • Negligent handling and invoicing.
    The customer has agreed with the offer, has placed its order and is looking forward to its delivery. So far, so good. However, a delay in the delivery time, not communicating deviating technical or product specs, an incorrect invoice or unsympathetic contact can all lead to an in the end disappointed customer. The back-office and delivery programs from BOS put everything into place to help ensure a fully correct handling of all these aspects. BOS program: back-office optimization and certification of all customer contact staff.

Customer research

BOS researches the wishes of our clients’ customers based on interviews within their organizations, but of course also with a number of clients in so-called customer panels. Based on the outcome of those interviews we put together a list of recommendations for all relevant links in the sales process. In order for sales to start questioning the customer in more detail about what they really need. And for them to forward those requirements to the marketing department to ensure that improvements can be carried out in the set of propositions.

More information

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